List of Programming Languages to Earn Money

Earning money is something that everyone is after these days. Everyone just wants to earn as much money as they can in the shortest possible time. From what I see, computer programmers are willing to learn any programming language if it is going to pay them a lot. Well, the truth is no programming language continues to pay you good for a long time. As and when new technology or programming languages come up, you need to update yourself with those programming languages to keep earning money!

Make Money OnlineWell, my today’s article is focused on helping you decide on which programming language to learn if you want to earn money in a short time, and the programming languages I discuss today, are as per the demands today. These are expected to change in the coming years.

Before I begin discussing the various programming languages, I would like you to first decide if you want to be a Software Developer or a Web Developer. If you want to be both, I must say that you are confused. Remember one thing, “Be good at what you do!“. If you try to do everything, you might turn out to be a NOBODY. But still, if you want to do both of these developments, I would say make one of them your major field and pursue the other as a hobby.

A Programmer

Programming Languages for Web Developers

Well, programming languages for web developers are not exactly programming-languages. They are more of server scripting languages or front-end development languages or tools. Let’s get started with it.

  • PHP: PHP is the most widely used web/server scripting language. It is high in demand these days and people are hiring PHP developers in mass these days. PHP is an easy to learn language, as it is pretty high level. There are various sources online to learn PHP, most of them being free. You can start learning PHP by heading over to the W3Schools website or you can browse PHP tutorials on Slash Coding as well.
  • HTML5 and CSS3: HTML5 and CSS3 are the languages used to develop any webpage. HTML5, the latest version of HTML, lets you put in various elements on the webpage, and then styling them is the issue. This is where CSS3 comes into play. CSS3 is the latest, advanced version of CSS, which enables you to design beautiful webpages. You can start learning HTML5 and CSS3 by heading over to W3Schools or by browsing various tutorials on Slash Coding.
  • SQL: Well, SQL is basically a database query language. You can combine it with PHP to make pretty powerful applications. But you need to keep in mind the use of proper encryption so your data is safe. To learn SQL, just head over to the W3Schools website.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is an add-on advantage for Web Developers. It lets you make your webpages dynamic and that to client side. Server side scripting is not required here.

Programming Languages for Software Developers

Software developers can be classified as either Desktop developers or Mobile developers. You can be both, depending upon the language you learn.

  • Java: Java is a programming language that is high in demand these days for developing desktop applications. The main reason behind Java being in so much demand is that is cross-operating system compatible. That is, if you develop a Java application for Windows OS, you can very well run it on Mac or on a Linux Platform with no or small changes. Also, Java programming language is used in developing Native Android Applications, which is in high demand these days.
  • C#: C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft for Windows Platform. C# can be used to develop various powerful Windows Desktop applications. It is also in demand these days and can be a boon in the future as well.
  • Objective-C: Objective-C is a programming language used to develop applications for the very common Apple devices these days. Objective-C was developed by Apple Inc. and they make use of this language to develop applications for their devices. And since, iDevices (i.e. iPhone, iPod, iPad) are becoming a lot popular these days, this language is in very demand.

Well, that’s all the information I have for you today. I hope after reading this article you would be able to decide on which programming language to learn as soon as possible to become industry ready and earn money. Keep subscribed to Slash Coding for more tips and tutorials on various programming languages. You can subscribe via RSS Feeds, Facebook page, Twitter. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me using the contact form.

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  1. Torbjørn Marø says

    You seem a bit confused, espesially when you categorize development as either web or software. Web applications are also software! And most languages can and are used to create both web, desktop, backend and even mobile software. The languages with the highest demand is not the languages that will give you the highest salery in most cases. And Apple did not create objective-c.

    So in my opinion you need to rethink what you are saying here. But by all means, keep on blogging, and you will continue to learn a lot.

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