How to Move your Android Projects to Android Studio in 3 Easy Steps

Earlier last month, I posted an article describing what Android Studio is, and why you should consider moving to it at this stage for your Android Application Development needs. After posting that, I got a few messages asking me a guide to move their projects from Eclipse to Android Studio easily without spending too much

What is Android Studio and Why Should You Start Using it Today?

Android Studio is the Android application development tool that Google had launched in the month of December 2014. Earlier to this date, there was a Beta version available. It boasts of a highly functional environment for your Android Application Development needs. Earlier, Google promoted the Eclipse IDE with the Android Development Tools bundled together for Android application development,

Difference Between JPEG and PNG That No One Will Tell You

What’s the difference between JPEG and PNG? Do you know when to use which image type? Most of the people who use images don’t really know the difference between JPEG and PNG in terms of usage. To start with the basics, JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, and PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic.

Create a Contact Form using AJAX and PHP

A contact form is something that is essential for any website. Not having a contact form is never a good idea. Now, in order to make a contact form, you will be required to develop the front-end (that is visible to the user) and also develop the back-end (that is not visible to the user,

5+ Tips to create a Responsive Design

Responsive designs are the most in-demand thing these days for the web. There are various ways by which you can create a responsive design, which includes using a highly responsive framework like Bootstrap or some other framework. Another way around is to use your own design and write media queries into CSS to make your design fit

Slash Coding is back now!

Hey reader. I would like to apologize for not being able to post on Slash Coding for over four months now. I have been really busy with my college, and I have also been working on various projects over the last three months, which took almost the entire time. But I did not forget about

Creating a stylish jQuery Tooltip using a Plugin

I can bet that you have seen a tooltip on almost every page that you visit. Web developers may know this by the name of a title attribute for an element. The value for the title is displayed as a tooltip on HTML browsers. For instance, if you hover on any image on Slash Coding, you will

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