Top 6 HTML5 Frameworks you should consider using

HTML 5 Frameworks are getting common these days and using them is highly recommended as they reduce your work to some extent. They provide you a basic layout that you can use on your next project and get a head start in the development process. There are various reasons to choose these frameworks, and I

Brainstorming for New Project Ideas

Brainstorming for your next application or project is a very good way to start your development process. Brainstorming (in simple words) is a way of writing down everything that comes to your mind, without thinking how to do that. It is basically what all ideas you have regarding the project or what is that you

Change the Default Selection Colour using CSS

At times, you might have seen websites where the selection colour of the text is different than the typical, default blue colour. This thing can be achieved simply by using minimal lines of code in your styling. This tutorial is going to be a very small one, in which I would just tell you the

jQuery Full Page Loading Animation

Heavy websites take a lot of time to load and this can be annoying for the user browsing the website. It seems better to let the user know that the website is loading and to have patience, rather than having the user see half-loaded or the still loading website. There are numerous ways to do

How to create a Background jQuery Image Slideshow

Full page background slideshows are something that are getting pretty common these days for various websites. These websites include various portfolio websites for Artists or Photographers. They like to show off their skills straight on their home page by showcasing their work as a slideshow on the background of the page. I had to do

CSS Positions Explained in Detail

When I started coding websites for other people, I was really confused with the different positioning options that CSS provides. The options provided actually sound pretty similar and it is normal for anyone to get confused with all that. But then, with time and different experiments, I understood the various positioning options in CSS and

Create a Simple List View in Android

A lot of Android application these days make use of a List View (or ListView) to display the contents to the users on their mobile devices. These lists vary from the most simple one, with just a text to the ones with a lot of elements like an image and various text fields. Today, I