Mobile App Prototyping : Pixate Studio

Pixate Studio New Project

Prototyping isn’t a new thing that you do before you start working on any idea or project. Sometimes, this prototype is in your mind, and sometimes it’s on paper. But with the advancements in technology, mobile app prototyping or other types of prototyping can be done on a computer. Here I am going to share […]

How to Create a Countdown Timer using jQuery

Countdown Timer using jQuery

A Countdown Timer is a feature that you can install on your website to know users about an upcoming event, and counting down the time left for that event. A countdown timer can be built using various languages, but here I am going to discuss with you how to create a countdown timer using jQuery as […]

Learn How To Read URL Parameters Using jQuery

Read URL Parameters using jQuery

URL Parameters are something that you see in the URLs a lot these days. They look like “”, where “category” is the parameter name and “xyz” is the parameter value. These typically appear in the URL of a page when we submit a form on the previous page, and it sends the data to the […]

Slash Coding is now Updated

Slash Coding

Slash Coding blog has taken a fresh look altogether. If you think that the author at Slash Coding had forgotten about everyone reading this blog, then you are wrong. The author at Slash Coding, Aneesh Bhatnagar was busy with family obligations for the past 2 months or so. In the meantime, Slash Coding has received […]